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Automobile Accidents: Kansas City

An auto accident seems to start a whole string of problems. It starts with the shock of the force generated by the impact of two large vehicles colliding. Soon, however, you face long list of concerns about getting a rental car, repairing property damage, the pain you are feeling, getting medical bills paid, getting medical treatment and dealing with an uncooperative insurance company. When the insurance company starts balking at paying what they owe, it prompts the auto or truck accidents victim to start looking for a personal injury attorney. The law firm of McCollum & Griggs who are experienced car accident attorneys in Kansas City will assist you. CALL 816-474-0202 to speak with one of our attorneys.

The attorney fees in all injury cases handled by our law firm are on a contingency basis. Meaning that you owe us nothing if we are not successful in recovering monetarily on your behalf. This includes case expenses that our office has paid.

Millions of people are injured every year in automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents. We often hear people say they can’t believe the insurance company is treating them unfairly. Many victims of auto accidents have the misconception that an insurance company will take care of them during a time of need or crisis. The reality is that insurance companies are profit generating giants that make money by not paying claims or paying less than what is rightfully owed. With the tremendous resources available to the insurance company to prevent payment of auto or truck accidents claims, the average individual is at a very grave disadvantage. Level the playing field with experienced personal injury attorneys who will fight for you. Contact the lawyers at McCollum & Griggs will assist you in all areas of your auto accident injury claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident, our personal injury attorneys will begin helping you right away. We will take away as much of the worry as possible and provide much needed assistance and guidance. We will deal with the insurance company for you so that you can focus on healing.

Medical care: Your health insurance is your first and best source for paying medical bills, but you may have expenses and other damages that go beyond your health insurance policy. We will make sure the insurance company of the responsible party is on notice to expect a claim. We can refer you to a doctor if necessary. If you do not have health insurance, we will help you get the care you need and make a claim against the responsible party’s car insurance. One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to get proper care and treatment. Often times injury victims delay treatment thinking they will get better over time. By doing this they unwittingly fall into one of the biggest insurance traps – denial of the injury claim because of failure to get medical care and treatment. As a result, you can’t prove “causation” between the injury and the accident. Let us help you avoid the traps and pitfalls of which most injury victims are unaware.

Property damage: The attorneys at our law firm will assist you in resolving your property damage claim at a fair value and getting a paid rental car. We do not take payment for this service but provide it as a free service to our valued clients. You should know that insurance companies do not use the Kelley Blue Book or the National Association of Automobile Dealers book to value your vehicle. Years ago insurance companies determined that Kelley Blue Book values resulted in them paying more than they wanted. So, they got together and created their own valuation service. Now most private line insurers have a set price for virtually every vehicle on the road. That price is significantly less than retail value. We will fight to get you the fair price for your vehicle.

Accident investigation: As soon as we are hired, we quickly gather information about the auto or truck accidents from all possible sources. Critical evidence has a way of “disappearing” over time. We will determine when to employ professionals such as accident reconstructionists, engineers and private investigators to document the facts of the auto or truck accidents, your injuries and to prove who was at fault.

Fair settlement: We have the experience to help you determine what the fair settlement value of your injury claim. We also have the experience and determination to push for that settlement with the insurance company. Should the insurance company not make the appropriate offer to settle your claim the personal injury lawyers will file suit for you and take your case to a trial by jury if necessary.

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Defective Roads and Bridges: Kansas City

When a defective design or inadequate maintenance causes an auto or truck accidents, the owner is responsible — even if the owner is MODOT (the Missouri Department of Transportation) or a city or county. If your auto or truck accidents was caused by a defective road or bridge, talk to the personal injury lawyers at the McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

Defective roads and bridges can cause serious injuries and Wrongful Death. When that happens, you need a personal injury attorney who knows how to investigate the circumstances and file a claim against the city, county or state. Some example of cases handled by our firm in the past include:

Bridge gap: Between roadways on a bridge, a stranded motorist attempting to go for help might mistake the space between roadways as a safe place. Instead of a safe place, it may be a 90-foot drop to the road below. On one such gap (I-70 over Manchester), three people have fallen to their deaths. There is no warning.

Poor lighting, signage problems and no barriers: A poorly lighted roadway or poor signage can cause drivers to miss and fail to respond to dangerous situations. When a construction site lacks appropriate barriers, a driver can unknowingly crash into machinery or an unfinished roadway.

Defective Road Design: Narrow road shoulders with steep drop-offs can be extremely dangerous to a car pulling over for an emergency. Gravel that has been spilled over asphalt can cause an extremely hazardous driving surface for cars and trucks, but especially for motorcycles.

Dangerous guardrails: Running into a bridge barricade or guard rail is always dangerous. When the barricade has an end shaped like a pointed spear, the accident can be especially bad. If you have been injured because of a dangerous guardrailing, contact our law firm and tell us about it.

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Motorcycle and ATV Accidents: Missouri Attorneys

Most motorcycle owners realize that safety should be foremost in their mind because there is so little protection in an accident. When other drivers fail to share the road safely with motorcycles, the personal injury lawyers at the McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri, carefully investigate accidents to determine fault and liability.

Our personal injury attorneys represent riders and passengers who have been injured in motorcycle or ATV accidents. There are times when a dangerous road or ATV path may cause an accident. Most often, another driver fails to see the motorcycle or ATV.

Serious injuries: An ATV rider was driving wildly on an unsafe path. The passenger suffered a broken back in an accident. Careful investigation showed that the driver and the property owner were at fault.

A thorough investigation: In a motorcycle crash or ATV rollover accident, our law firm gathers all available facts — witness statements, police reports, photos of the scene, property damage, and personal injury medical records.

A personal injury attorney: Motorcycle accident injuries are devastating — multiple broken bones, head injuries(even with a helmet), neck and spinal cord injuries. You need the help of personal injury lawyers who understand the extent of your injuries and who will work for a settlement that covers current and future needs.

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Semi-Truck Accidents: Truck Accident Attorney: Kansas City

Being injured in a semi truck accident can be one of the most terrifying events to occur in your lifetime. The result of a very large 18 wheel semi truck hitting a small vehicle is usually catastrophic. Since the damage sustained by trucking accidents is usually exceptionally sever there are special Department of Transportation guidelines regulating the trucking industry. The companies that insure trucks and trucking companies know these regulations very well. If you have been injured by a truck you need to have someone on your side that knows them also. Let the lawyers at McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri be on your side.

The attorney fees in all injury cases handled by our law firm are on a contingency basis. Meaning that we are not successful in recovering monetarily on your behalf you own us nothing. This includes case expenses that our office has paid.

A tractor-trailer crash nearly always results in devastating injuries. The weight of the semi truck and load at highway speeds combine to cause traumatic injuries and in the most tragic cases death.

Gathering evidence: Following a tractor-trailer accident, gathering evidence is time-sensitive and requires exceptional attention to detail. Our personal injury lawyers move quickly to obtain driver logs before they can be changed and to obtain the information from the black box recording device required on most large trucks.

Hands-on investigations: Our auto accidents climb into the truck for a first-hand view. We make sure we know all we can about the accident. We investigate whether the trucking company complied with all the rules, assess the load to see if it was overweight, improperly balanced or poorly secured, and look for evidence in the cab of drug or alcohol use. We take a hard look at the accident site and the vehicles involved as soon as possible.

Insurance settlements: In a truck accident case, huge damages and large insurance policies are at stake. The insurance company employs the best lawyers it can find to keep the settlement low. Our personal injury lawyers know how to build a strong case for a fair and just settlement. We want you to have the resources you need for your recovery.

When to settle: In most cases, settlement before trial provides the most benefit for our client. A trial can substantially lengthen the time before compensation is received and increase the stress you experience. But when the offered settlement is unfair, our law firm is always prepared to fight for our clients in court.

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Boat and Jet Ski Accidents: Kansas City

Rivers, streams and lakes have rules for watercraft. When a boater breaks the rules and causes an accident with serious injuries, talk to an experienced boating accident attorney at the McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

Boating and jet skiing are favorite pastimes on Missouri and Kansas waterways, but accidents happen there just as on the roadways. Driving in the wrong lane, driving recklessly, boating under the influence, or not yielding the right of way can cause serious accidents.

Gathering evidence: Boating accidents do not leave the skid marks and debris that help determine what happened in a highway accident. It is critical to talk to witnesses as soon as possible to understand the events that led to the accident. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience to interview witnesses and sort out the available facts.

Drunk Boating accidents: Just as on the roadway, boating under the influence of alcohol can cause serious injuries and Wrongful Death. The drunk boat driver is subject to the same criminal charges and financial liability as a drunk car driver. If a loved one has been injured because of a BUI (boating under the influence) accident, contact a personal injury lawyer.

Establish liability: Who caused the accident? Was the boat’s owner the driver? Did the boat’s owner allow an impaired or unskilled person to drive? Were waterway rules followed? In our investigation, our law firm will seek to establish liability in order to present a personal injury claim.

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Explosions: Gas and Propane Burn Injuries in Kansas City

A family lost a mother, grandmother, caregiver, wage earner and companion due to a gas explosion from a water heater. They cannot get back the person they lost, but they can claim financial restitution to pay for the victim’s suffering, to help in their recovery and readjustment to life, and to help emphasize the need for safety in the installation and maintenance of heaters. It took a thorough investigation by our law firm to identify all liable parties and to get the insurance company to pay.

There are many different types of gases, such as natural gas, propane, methane and butane that can cause gas explosions. Our homes contain many sources of these gases that could lead to a gas explosion accident.

  • Water heaters
  • Dryers
  • Stoves and Ovens
  • Outdoor grills and propane fire pits
  • Fireplaces
  • Space heaters

When someone is injured as the result of a gas explosion accident, injuries often times are very severe. Gas explosions may cause serious burns, concussion injuries, head traumas, and broken bones. These injuries may require extensive treatment and rehabilitation and may result in lasting physical and psychological damage. In addition, medical expenses may be overwhelming.

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Railroad Crossing Accidents: Kansas City

A train wreck or railroad crossing accident related injury is often devastating, resulting in devastating injuries or even death. An experienced train accident lawyer can help to identify who is responsible and provide competent representation for the accident victims and their families.

In many cases, railroad crossing accidents occur because the railroad company fails to safely maintain the area around the train tracks. Overgrown plants, shrubs, trees or building structures can block a vehicle driver’s view of an oncoming train until it is too late to avoid collision. In other cases, devices that are designed to alert drivers that a train is coming—such as crossing gates, bells or light—may not have been installed properly or may be broken.

Negligence on the part of the railroad workers can also contribute to a railroad crossing accident. When trains pass through populated areas at excessive speeds, they may approach a railroad crossing too quickly to allow drivers to react and avoid a collision. Workers who do not properly sound the train’s whistle when it is nearing a crossing can leave drivers unaware that a train is approaching until it is too late.

Besides companies that fail to maintain the area around a railroad crossing, railroad companies that overwork their employees or which fail to provide them with the proper training or equipment can create a dangerous situation which could result in a railroad crossing accident.

Gathering evidence: Following a train crossing accident, gathering evidence is time-sensitive and requires exceptional attention to detail. Our train accident lawyers move quickly to obtain crossing maps, track maps, video and audio evidence, internal railroad documents, computer printouts and well as numerous other documents evidencing the train crossing accident.

Hands-on investigations: Our train accident investigators inspect the vehicles and train engine, train tracks first-hand. We make sure we know all we can about the accident. We investigate whether the railroad company complied with all the rules, make sure the railroad engineer was traveling at safe speeds and sounding proper warnings, and look for evidence of drug or alcohol use. We take a hard look at the accident site and the vehicles involved as soon as possible.

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Auto-Bicycle Accidents:: Kansas City

A young man was driving his bicycle legally down the road when he was suddenly hit by a passing motorist. A mother lost her son and a sister lost her brother as a result of the driver’s negligence. Unfortunately, this story happens too often. When vehicles collide with bicycles, the bicyclist almost always ends up very serious head injuries, broken bones IF they are lucky enough to survive the crash. Call the Kansas City personal injury attorneys at McCollum & Griggs. We are experienced in handling motorist-bicycle accident cases.

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Auto and Homeowners Insurance Litigation – Kansas City Insurance Litigation Attorneys

Every day, people in the Kansas City area are injured because of someone else’s negligence. Too often, the people who are injured are at the mercy of insurance companies that see them as cases to be closed as quickly and cheaply as possible. Often times, the insurance companies refuse to live up to their obligation to pay what is fair to the victim and their families. In these instances, the insurance companies are acting in bad faith and may be vexatiously refusing to pay legitimate claims.

Do you need help with a car insurance dispute? Has your car insurance company failed to pay your valid claim for uninsured or underinsured motorists’ benefits? Did your homeowners’ insurance company fail to pay on a legitimate claim? Has your insurance company breached it’s contract with you?

If your insurance company failed to meet its obligations, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer at our law firm in Kansas City, Missouri. Insurance companies make a lot of money simply by their failure to pay insurance claims or not paying legitimate claims. If your claim was denied, do not give up.

At McCollum & Griggs, we can help you with car insurance disputes and insurance claims. An attorney at our firm will perform a detailed review of your auto insurance policy, so that you are fully informed about the coverage you have and the benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

If the insurance adjuster improperly denied your claim, we will work to resolve your claim through arbitration or litigation. We handle a variety or insurance disputes including:

Car insurance disputes: When we represent you in a personal injury claim, we handle your property damage and related claims against your own car insurance policy at no charge.

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage: You may believe that you are out of luck if you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident or if the driver who caused your accident was uninsured. But your own auto insurance should cover you in these circumstances. You may also be entitled to additional compensation from your own car insurance if the other driver’s insurance was not enough to compensate your for your losses. Bring your doubts and questions to an experienced personal injury attorney.

Homeowners’ policy claims: The insurance company may give various reasons for denying your claim. They may claim your policy does not provide coverage, that you caused the damage, that the damage did not exceed your deductible, or that a claim will hurt your insurability. If your claim has been denied, contact a lawyer for help.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices and Vexatious refusal to pay: When insurance companies act in bad faith and fail to pay first-party claims under auto insurance, health insurance, or homeowners’ insurance, we work hard to get these claims paid. We also handle bad faith cases, when an insurance company fails to settle a car accident claim within the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

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Product Liability Cases: Dangerous Products Lawyers: Kansas City

When a product causes harm, where can you go for help? At the McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri, our product liability attorneys would like to hear about your case. A manufacturer may be in a hurry to get a product to market. Or the manufacturer may not be concerned about testing a product to ensure its safety. Whatever the reason, when a dangerous product causes injury because of defective manufacture or defective design, the manufacturer needs to be held accountable.

Tablesaw Amputations and Injuries: Each year thousands of people are brutally injured by table saws at a cost of more than $2 billion a year to treat victims. Often these injuries result in debilitating injuries to hands with life-long consequences. Often, these injuries occur in cabinet-making or woodworking shops by experienced craftsmen. These injuries are preventable with a simple, cost-effective safety device that can be attached to most table saws. If you or a family member has been injured in a table saw accident, call McCollum & Griggs at 816-474-0202 for help. For more information about table-saw injuries, including amputations please see the following links:


Dangerous chair and seating: When a man sat on a plastic chair, the legs suddenly splayed out and he crashed to the floor. This man suffered serious injuries requiring multiple back surgeries and was permanently disabled as a result of the chair’s defective design. If you have a product liability case similar to this one, call our attorneys for more information.

A defective seatbelt: When a lapbelt failed to restrain a passenger in a car accident, the damage was catastrophic. The client suffered a life-changing brain injury despite being buckled into her seat.

Defective Tree Stand or Deer Stand Design: Tree stands are commonly used by deer hunters in the Midwest. Every hunting season, hunters are seriously injured or killed when their tree stand fails or suddenly gives way underneath them. Elevated deer stand falls can be caused by a variety of factors, including a weakness in the stand’s structure, incorrect installation, failure to use a safety harness and hunters dozing off while on the stand. Design flaws by some of the tree stand manufacturers can make the stands a serious danger to consumers. Falls from deer stands can cause death, strangulation, paralysis, head injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries.

Other products that harm people: There are many examples of tools, furniture, toys, cars and other products that, through faulty design or manufacture, cause serious harm. Our law firm works with other law firms and with experts in product liability cases to help our clients obtain the compensation they need for recovery.

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, call the Kansas City attorneys at McCollum & Griggs, LLC for a free consultation at 816-474-0202.

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