Kansas City IV Filter Lawsuit Lawyers

The IVC Filter is a type of wire device that doctor’s implanted in a person’s largest vein to catch blood clots and prevent them from moving to the lungs or heart. If the temporary filters were not removed after placement, they may fracture and perforate internal organs, which can result in deadly side effects.

McCollum & Griggs LLC is now taking on IVC filter injury cases. If you, or someone in your family, has been diagnosed with a significant problem or complication due to this device, then you need to contact us today. In many cases, you will be eligible for monetary compensation.

In 2010, there were already almost 1,000 reported cases of IVC filter complications and this number is continuing to grow. The complications resulting from a faulty IVC filter can serious injury a person and may even result in death. If you are facing any of these situations personally, or someone in your family is, it is time to call for a consultation and case evaluation.

There are many people who are unaware that removal of the filter is necessary and who are now facing the dire consequences. Don’t let the injuries you received go uncompensated. Even if you had a loved one pass away due to IVC filter complications, you may still be eligible to receive complication.

Call the offices of McCollum & Griggs LLC today to learn more about IVC filter lawsuits and if your case is eligible for monetary compensation due to complications with the device.