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Pursuing Lawsuits Against Insurance Companies to Get the Insurance Benefits You Deserve

Every day, people in the Kansas City area are injured because of someone else’s negligence. Too often, the people who are injured are at the mercy of insurance companies that see them as cases to be closed as quickly and cheaply as possible. Oftentimes, insurance companies fail to pay the fair amount for injury claims arising from auto accidents or cases where their insureds injure others.  When this happens, individuals are sometimes forced to file lawsuits against insurance companies.

Do you need help with a car accident insurance claim? Has your car insurance company failed to pay your valid accident claim for uninsured or underinsured motorists’ benefits when an auto accident was not your fault? Did your homeowners’ insurance company fail to pay on a legitimate claim?  Did someone else injure you and their insurance company refuse to pay a fair settlement for your injuries?

If your insurance company or a defendant’s insurer failed to meet its obligations, talk to an experienced lawyer at our law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Insurance companies make a lot of money by not paying legitimate claims. If your claim was denied, do not give up. Our attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies to get them to pay the money they owe.

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At McCollum & Griggs, we can help you with automobile insurance disputes and insurance claims. An attorney at our firm will perform a detailed review of your auto insurance policy, so that you are fully informed about the coverage you have and the benefits you are entitled to under your policy.

If the insurance adjuster improperly denied your claim, we will work to resolve your claim through arbitration or litigation. We handle a variety or insurance disputes including:

  • Car insurance disputes: When we represent you in a personal injury claim, we handle your property damage and related claims against your own car insurance policy at no charge.
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage: You may believe that you are out of luck if you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident or if the driver who caused your accident was uninsured. But your own auto insurance should cover you in these circumstances. You may also be entitled to additional compensation from your own car insurance if the other driver’s insurance was not enough to compensate your for your losses. Bring your doubts and questions to an experienced personal injury attorney.
  • Homeowners’ policy claims: The insurance company may give various reasons for denying your claim. They may claim your policy does not provide coverage, that you caused the damage, that the damage did not exceed your deductible, or that a claim will hurt your insurability. If your claim has been denied, contact a lawyer for help.
  • Insurance Bad Faith and Vexatious Refusal to Pay: When insurance companies fail to pay first-party claims under auto insurance, health insurance, or homeowners’ insurance, we work hard to get these claims paid. We also handle bad faith cases, when an insurance company fails to settle a car accident claim within the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

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