If you have suffered alopecia due to taking Taxotere as part of your chemotherapy treatment, you may wonder what you need to do to file a lawsuit. While an attorney can help, there are a few things to know about the process ahead of time.

Lawsuits filed against Sanofi-Avetis related to Taxotere and because of alopecia have only been actively filed since the latter part of 2015. The main reason for this is because the FDA took nearly 20 years to acknowledge the potential drug-complication issue.

Today, there is more information available to the public than there has ever been in the past and anyone who believes they have been a victim of a health complication related to Taxotere can file a lawsuit. The lawsuit they file will be backed by substantial, evidential support.

The original lawsuits related to Taxotere were filed in December of 2015. At this point, the manufacturer of the drug, Sanofi-Aventis, was shown to have known about the connection of their drug and permanent hair loss, but failed to disclose the information.

Now, there are legal firms all across the country that have moved beyond the investigatory stages and have begun to actively pursue filing lawsuits against the Taxotere manufacturer.

If you believe you may have grounds to file this lawsuit, then you should follow the steps outlined here, and speak with an attorney:

  • Acquire all of your medical records
  • Have the medical records examined by medical professionals
  • Compare the timeline to the state lawsuit deadlines

These steps will help to determine if you suffered from any type of medical complication because of using Taxotere and if the complication falls within the specified state’s deadlines. The fact is, not meeting a deadline is one of the most common reasons that a victim of a dangerous drug is not able to pursue any type of legal action against the drug manufacturer.

If all the requirements are met, then there are other steps that have to be taken to ensure that the situation you are in as the possibility of being a strong and winnable lawsuit. In most cases, you will discuss these steps with your attorney. At this time, your attorney will also work with you to create a timeline that details when the lawsuit is going to be filed. This may change based on the case and the particular situation.

It is best to pursue legal action as soon as possible with an attorney who understands these types of situations. When you file as early as possible, it gives you and your legal team the ability to explore all the legal actions possible, which may include joining a class action that is already in place.